Voting Day

November 8, 2016

Today I am going out to vote because it is one of the cool things we get to do in the United States as adults. Kids get the fun job of pulling their own teeth and running everywhere they go. We get this. I am exercising my right to my own opinion and I will be tolerant and understanding of those who don’t agree with me. I will obey God’s will to love all humans. After posting this from my phone that is so old it isn’t smart anymore, I will leave my 40 year old home that cost over a 1/2 a million dollars, get in my 12 year old car, take my child to daycare and go to the job that I love but would be homeless without, then do my homework for a school that I have a private student loan for, then I will go and vote. I will channel my best Napoleon Dynamite attitude when asked who I am voting for with an angry “Whoever I feel like, GOSH!” because that is my right. Happy Election Day FB friends!

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