My Faith in Humanity

October 27, 2016

With all of the chaos and drama in the world it’s really nice when you have something happen in your life that restores your faith in humanity. This story isn’t an example of one. Tonight I went to Target in Santee after days of shopping all over town searching for missing pieces of Halloween costumes for my family. I finally found the very last thing I needed and was mentally and physically done for the day. If you could see me you’d believe me. When I upgraded to Amy 4.0 this year there was a lot of problems much like that cruddy Windows Vista. In the very crowded store I was blessed to have only a short wait in the self checkout lane. Two were in use displaying the green light overhead while one was flashing red with a 4 year old pushing all of the buttons while kneeling on the part that weighs your stuff. Good times. I finally got my turn to purchase. I scanned my item and put it in the bag. It didn’t weigh enough apparently so I had to convince the machine that yes I did want to bag my item and oh crap no don’t start flashing red. Ok mission accomplished until…I didn’t put my debit card in my sassy little black cross body purse. I only had my license and oh thank goodness $6 in cash. Honestly I don’t know where the cash came from since I haven’t carried any since the 90’s. Thankfully the item I bought was $6 yay since I couldn’t find what I needed anywhere on earth in my size and had to settle for girls size 10-12. It stretches, don’t judge. Well crap I only had $6 and didn’t have enough for the tax. And yes I actually said that out loud because that’s what I do. I talk to myself. Embarrassed, I slinked to the employee-I mean Team Member that watches over the self checkout but obviously didn’t care about the 4 year old now jumping on the machine next to me, and told her that I needed to go scavenge my car seats for 48 cents. I had hit a new low. This is where viral posts are born. When one of the at least 34 people around me hear of my woes and come to my rescue with the change I need to make my purchase. Nope, not today. I ran out to my car because you can’t panhandle outside of Target. Unlike Walmart. I got into my car just barely since my fob battery is hit and miss (shocker) and started rummaging around. Since I had just cleaned out the entire car I was surprised to find 23 cents, a Cheeze It, and a Lego Friend but I was still 25 short. I called my niece with my cell that was in single-digit percentage for battery life, seriously I need to have a pity party, and told her about how pathetic I am. She came and rescued me with a quarter. No questions or strings attached. How many people do you know that would do that for you? So now all is good. I got home safely, changed the battery in my key fob, plugged in my phone, and then grabbed a handful of change and chucked it inside of my car where it settled into random cracks and crevasses in my seats and will stay there until it is needed during my next adventure.

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