Don’t Litter and Drive

February 10, 2016

Flossing and driving is bad for the environment. Here is why. This week I am part of a very fun Fitbit challenge called the Work Week Hustle and this is why I chose to run to meet my tween at the orthodontist instead of drive. I also chose to run because I can. Our town is small and we can do cool stuff like that. There are two things that I can do while running when my music app isn’t working. One, I can sing which is also bad for the environment, or two, I can concentrate on my surroundings and then get an idea for a rambling Facebook post. Cleary today I chose the latter. There are many things I see while cruising around on foot in Alpine. Today I saw a dead coyote and about 100 (or maybe 3) discarded flossers. I don’t see dead coyotes very often, like never, but I always see the flossers. It’s probably the same flossers I ran by 10 years ago because newsflash they aren’t biodegradable! Yesterday I ran a different route and wouldn’t you know it there were flossers there too! That run was a little less fun though because half of my face was numb after dental work and my forehead was still aching from the tragic egg burns but Wes was with me so people didn’t have to worry that I was disoriented and lost. So, back to my point. It makes me wonder what the heck people are thinking when they toss flossers or any other trash out of the window. Hybrid driving recyclers multi-tasking by flossing while they talk on their cell phones hands-free balancing their soy lattes and gluten-free vegan muffins. Such good people until boom they toss their flosser out the window. I am pretty sure when the world ends roaches and flossers will still be here. Don’t get me wrong, by all means, please floss daily and make my job easier, just don’t throw the floss out the window. Those things are like tiny weapons. I feel like I should add that when I give my patients their goody bag of samples. Ok, see you in 6 months and hey remember to discard your trash in a waste receptacle, no one wants their foot impaled by your flosser!

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