Summer Daze

August 25, 2015

Summer around here is drastically different from the other 3 seasons for sure. We stay up late, sleep in, swim in the dark, and wear flip flops 24/7. Swimming is considered bathing and a bathing suit is often pjs. We…have…fun! Our house is full of kids for days on end. So much so that I came home from work yesterday and walked into Lord of the Flies without the violence. Sleep-deprived lazy kids everywhere so full of junk food that they could barely move in the balmy 86 degrees inside yet the volume of their voices was megaphone worthy. They moved like zombies in their heat and food-induced comas. No one bothered to crack a window or even pick up the spilled Cheetos so it was the ripe odor of feet, overflowing garbage, and adolescence. Somehow when school is out they forget how to pick up after themselves. Tonight I was explaining, well let’s be real here, arguing, with my Little about why she needed to wash her hair (the kid is about 2 days away from dreadlocks and one all-nighter from being feral) when she reached up to touch her hair and pulled out a stick. We are counting down the days until school starts. Christmas has nothing on Back to School which truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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