California Snow Man

January 7, 2016

What do you do when your house and yard flood? You build a snowman. Our house was built lower than the land around us like New Orleans. Not exactly but sort of. Actually not at all but still we are lower than the neighbors around us. We know we will flood every 10 years or so when we actually get serious rain. It’s who we are and where we live. It’s our own twisted kind of Karma. So what did I do after the latest flood? I didn’t win the Powerball (you’re welcome) I built a snowman, from hail. I went to work and had a weak “snowball” fight with my boss and danced in the hail like an idiot. I ate Hershey kisses all day because someone went to Hawaii and brought back kisses with macadamia nuts in them. OMG. I came home and was grateful that my husband had cleaned up all of the mud on the back patio and made the pool look less like the Amazon River than it did yesterday (he’s really just amazing). I made a winter dinner of chili then had popsicles for dessert. Then I wasted 2 hours tonight on Facebook instead of cleaning the house because the sarcastic phrases are so funny and keep me from losing it. Like how lame Californians are and how it was so much better when we were kids because we did super dangerous things and survived. So tomorrow’s another day (profound). Tomorrow I will do all of the things I didn’t get to today and I won’t eat anymore kisses (I ate them all today). Tomorrow I will stay off of Facebook and pay attention to my kid’s faces instead. Tomorrow I won’t build a snowman.

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