Letting Go.

I don’t think you can every fully prepare yourself for when your kids leave the house. It’s our second one. It should be easier but it isn’t. My son was different. I knew he’d say goodbye when we dropped him off at college and never look back. He did that the first day of kindergarten at 4 years-old. Why would he be any different at 17? He wasn’t. I was sad then knowing that he’d most likely never live at home again. Three years later and I think there are more sightings of Sasquatch then there are of him. I miss him.

Dropping our daughter off yesterday was hard. We raised all of our kids the same but they are so different from each other. She’s 18 but it seems like yesterday she was a 3 pound preemie that I held in the palm of my hand. I miss her already. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let her go yet. Did we prepare her enough to be on her own? I read a blog post from a mom giving advice to her daughter as she left for college and got to thinking about what I would say to mine when it was time to say goodbye

Get in a routine. Floss. Always know how to get home from wherever you are. Bring a sweater to class. Empty the water from the steamer after you use it. Pray. Float the river before it gets too cold. Look for the good in people. Call your mom. Study hard but make time for fun. Be the designated driver. Don’t try to pet the geese on campus. Remember who you are and what you believe in. Charge your phone. Nothing good happens after midnight. Check on your little sister every once in a while. Locals pronounce Boise, Boy-See. The dollar menu is your new best friend. Stay true to your values. Don’t wear flip-flops when it’s icy. Don’t watch a scary movie before bed. Carry your Hydroflask everywhere you go in case you are thirsty or need to break someone’s knees. Sonic has the best ice. Check your oil. Remember that we are always here for you. Most importantly, enjoy these years, they will fly by.

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