The 24th Anniversary is Probably Top Ramen

The 24th anniversary isn’t a milestone, maybe it’s the Top Ramen anniversary, who knows. Sometimes that’s all we had in the pantry and other times there was steak on the grill. All I know is almost a quarter of a century ago we began an adventure and had no idea what we were doing. Maybe we still don’t. We were babies. We moved across the country and lived the military life in Virginia, then moved to North Carolina and Georgia before returning to California. The Navy was good to us, God has been even better. We both have almost died more than once which makes for good stories I wish we weren’t able to tell. We have 3 pretty cool kids that I hope haven’t been distracted too much by the crazy world we live in. We’ve traveled, worked hard, and laughed a lot. Maybe too much. We are probably offensive to some, but we are OK with that. It’s who we are. We’ve hiked the Grand Canyon and explored parts of islands where pirates once hid, but mostly we just stay home. We have nothing and everything in common. We are both a lot. We are crazy and we love each other. It works. Life is a beautiful ride and the occasional flat tire just adds to the adventure. Cheers to forever my Love!

One thought on “The 24th Anniversary is Probably Top Ramen

  1. Congrats. You are great. We loved you at first sight. and miss you. Europe is still waiting for you . Love ivo and andree

    I’d love to see you both again! What a wonderful meeting we had! I hope all is well.

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