Mother’s Day?

May 14, 2018

I once heard that if every spider in the world takes a day off, the ecological impact would be mayhem, famine, and disease. It’s similar to Mother’s Day when every mom takes a break from her usual routine. While I have almost no
similarities to a spider other than hairy legs and the one time I accidentally ate a fly, I can relate. As a result, I have declared today “National Messy House Monday”. It occurs every year the day after Mother’s Day because while we relax, the destruction of the house continues. Laundry multiplies when left unattended and dust and dog hair waits for no one. I currently have enough dog hair on my wood floors to make another dog. So, if you need me tonight, don’t because I’ll be busy. Next year I’m taking this day off. Cheers to the Monday after clean up efforts!

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