Gas Station Scam Artists

October 24, 2017

Why do I bother paying at the pump for gas when I go to get my receipt and it says “Attendant has receipt”? I swear they use that to lure you in to buy stuff from the mini mart. I’m sorry, was $8 a gallon not enough?

Yes, thank you for welcoming me to Circle K. No, I don’t need 64 ounces of diabetes for 89 cents or a king size bar of obesity 2 for a dollar. What part of me looks like it needs a snack? I just need my receipt.

Yes, it’s nice and cool in here and yes I see you have air fresheners for the car. I wouldn’t need the a/c if I hadn’t had to trek across the parking lot in a thousand degrees to come in here and hey let me rub that air freshener on my body cause now I’m sweaty. My receipt please.

Restroom? Nope. Don’t need hepatitis just in time for the holidays but thanks. Just need my receipt!

No, I don’t want to play the lottery today because I’m super happy being poor. Receipt please!
The best part is that I finally get my receipt, shove it in my purse and realize when I get home that it’s someone else’s.

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