What is Happening?

April 25, 2018

I believe that we are put in certain places at certain times for a reason. Maybe to see how we will handle ourselves in situations. Mostly I think God just likes to mess with me. Today I had exactly 8 minutes to get from work to my Little’s school to pick her up so I figured I had plenty of time to make the 14 stops I needed to make before getting there. I first went to the grocery store to redeem my winnings of $5 cash from the in-store game going on and pick up a few items. Since we spent about 30 hours sifting through the game pieces for this prize I figured I better get it. I breezed through the store and grabbed apples, bananas which were on sale, and a Caesar salad all-in-one. I ran to the deserted customer service counter and stood there doing the “I’m in a hurry” dance waiting for someone to help me since I was on a strict time schedule. While waiting, a lady walked up behind me and asked if someone was opening the register. I had no idea but I told her that I suppose eventually since we were standing there. She told me she needed to change 4 quarters for a dollar. I offered her the dollar and she gave me about 16 coins, not a single one a quarter. I dumped the change in my purse and she told me to count it. I told her, “Um, no that’s ok” since I considered it lost forever in the Mary Poppins disaster I carry around as a purse and should have just offered her a dollar with nothing in return in the first place. She told me again to count it since she didn’t think it was a full dollar. What? I assured her it was ok and she turned and bumbled away.

Just then another lady came up behind me, leaned in and said that she just got money for the first time in 2 months. She was injured and had been waiting on disability but then had to go back to work. Then the day before she was scheduled to start work again she broke her leg. It seems she was down on her luck and I felt really bad for her. I wasn’t sure what I was meant to do for her at this time in this place. She said her leg was manageable but then she accidentally ran over her husband with her car. OMG! I asked if he was ok and she said, “Well, no!” turned abruptly and left. I must have stood there with my mouth open in shock for at least 2 minutes. I ended up putting my groceries back and stuffing my winning game board back in my purse to be redeemed another day since now I didn’t have time.

I picked up my Little from school on time since the carpool lane takes forever, dropped her at soccer practice, then stopped by another store to pick up what I needed. On my way in to the store that, by the way, didn’t have bananas on sale, a lady was sitting at a table eating a huge sandwich. As I walked by she grabbed my arm and asked me to buy her a salad. I looked to the sky and asked what in the world was going on today. I thought a salad was a strange request but it wasn’t booze or cigarettes so what the heck?

I don’t claim to know what God’s plans are for me but today left me a little confused. I think I was meant to offer someone in need some money, lend an ear to someone needing to talk, provide a healthy meal to a stranger, and pay full price for bananas.

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