Stay at Home Day Whatever

Body by Oreo and long dog walks. I’ll either be ready for a marathon or My 600lb Life at the end of this. Only time will tell. I run a lot. I eat a lot. I’ve been a faithful ketoer but lately have been cheating too much and having to start over frequently. Either way, any picture taken during these times can eventually be used as a “before” picture. I don’t take the seriousness of the situation lightly. I just cope with humor. We have food, our health, and more time together than we’ve had in years. My dog thinks he won the lottery. My cat wants to move out. My son is home from college which is a rarity and I’m trying to convince him to stay all quarter. Not with my cooking though, because that still sucks. He’s a super-slob but, deep breath, I’m learning to let it go. The only time I can turn off my phone at night is when all of my kids are home and it feels so good! My kids are happy and learning life skills daily. Yesterday they learned to weld and address and stamp a letter. A few days ago they changed the shocks on a car and baked cupcakes although my son put pulled pork in the middle of one of them. I had to tell him that it wasn’t a keto cupcake, he called it a meatcake. He’s weird. Being out of work is scary and depressing. I miss my co-workers and my patients but I’ll never get this time with my kids again. We are healthy, we are the lucky ones. So TGIF, or whatever. No one cares.

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