Fancy Valley Mall

July 21, 2012

So today we went to Fashion Valley Mall.  It’s the mall that the rich people go to and that us “East County” people go to when we wantto feel fancy. I was completely under dressed in my running shorts and tank and probably the only woman in the whole mall with cellulite. We went in to the Windows store and were browsing around. The kids and Wes started playing an Xbox game with controllers, (except Raegan because she asked if she could “play on a tablet”). I wanted to try out the Xbox Live games and found one that I could actually activate by raising my hand. I think the one I first tried had a bookcase blocking the sensor thing but I waved my arms around for about 5 minutes anyway. There was this young guy playing a battle something type game next to me and he was swinging his arm around to activate the sword on the screen. He kept cutting his eyes to side glance at what I was trying to do. His game looked like fun to me but my game was a flying airplane/war plane something game. I took off with my arms stretched out in front of me like Superman as the game started and tried to fly the plane on the screen but it kept crashing. Side glance. I leaped side to side and swung my body around like I was hula hooping…no luck. Side glance. Kept crashing…kept trying to fly like superman. Side glance. The screen kept flashing “WRONG WAY” in red. Wrong way? I was facing and flying forward. Side glance. Finally after about 8 minutes of failing to fly the guy next to me switched his game to play the same one I was attempting to play and failing miserably at. He never said a word to me. He raised his arms in front of himself and positioned his hands like he was driving a car or flying a plane…and started to play the game. Forehead slap! Ohhh, now I get it! I just turned to him and said, “I used to play Atari, and I was good!” And then we left.

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